First Star Recycling accepts a wide variety of recyclables.

In addition Paper, Cardboard, Cartons, Metal and Aluminum, First Star Recycling accepts a wide variety of other items generated outside of the home.
We recycle items for mail houses, distribution centers, printers, schools, manufacturers, food processors and many other industries.

Here is a sample listing of other items recycled: (Click to see examples)

Commericial Single Stream

Commercial Single Stream is a great way for businesses to recycle more with less hassle. Similar to curbside recycling at home, commercial single stream allows for many recyclables to be mixed into a single recycling bin. Businesses may recycle paper, cardboard, newspaper, plastic, metal containers all together.

Fact: Nearly 70% of all business waste is recyclable.

Click here for examples of acceptable recyclables that may be included in commercial single stream.