Glass Recycling

Glass is not accepted at all recycling centers or for curbside pick-up all the time. At First Star Recycling, we currently DO NOT accept glass that has been placed in curbside recycling bins. However, at our recycling drop off locations, we can recycle glass.

Glass is not accepted in curbside recycling bins because it contaminates the other recyclables, is dangerous for recycling employees and can cause problems for recycling machinery. Even though you cannot recycle glass from your home, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t recycle it all together. Recycling glass can help create tiles, countertops, other glass bottles, and be used in wall insulation. Glass can be recycled many times as it is broken into pieces every time it gets recycled and then made into new glass bottles, glass windows, or other glass products.

Please only drop off glass bottles or glass containers. Ceramic coffee mugs and ceramic plates present a problem in the glass-making process because they weak the glass

If you bring your glass products to our drop off recycling centers, please only bring the following:

  • Beer and wine bottles
  • Blue glass
  • Brown glass
  • Clear glass
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Glass food containers
  • Green glass

Please DO NOT bring the following items as they are not recyclable at our recycling center in Omaha:

  • Ceramic
  • Computer screen glass
  • Crystal
  • Heat resistant glass (Pyrex)
  • Light blubs
  • Mirror glass
  • Window glass