Going Green: Recycling Audits

At First Star, we’re proud to offer recycling audits to our commercial clients. These office recycling audits are an easy way to ensure that we are providing the most complete service possible for your business. No two offices are the exact same, and recycling audits give our resource management professionals a more detailed understanding of the unique recycling challenges that your office faces.

A First Star resource management professional will travel to your office building and create a comprehensive waste management report. Our trusted process includes reviewing all current waste streams and getting feedback from the custodial and management staff that are the most knowledgeable about the specific waste management needs of your business. Once we have obtained the necessary data and interviews, our team of resource specialists will craft a custom waste management plan designed specifically for your work space.

Benefits of a First Star recycling audit:

Save Time

Our employees are always as respectful of your work space and processes as possible. When we are on site conducting a recycling audit, we strive to obtain the information we need as efficiently as possible, limiting office disruption.

Save Money

A First Star recycling audit frequently finds resource management solutions that may save your business waste expenses. We conduct this recycling audit completely free of charge.

Go Green

We help you minimize your office’s environmental impact. Our highly knowledgeable employees are capable of creating effective office recycling processes based on the results of your recycling audit.

First Star is your trusted resource management partner. Our recycling audits are just a small portion of our comprehensive waste management services, which are all designed to help your business save money while maintaining top-notch resource management processes. The experienced professionals at First Star are dedicated to helping you face the unique material challenges of your business with a wide variety of fully customizable services at a fair price.