Grant Writing

Recycling & Waste Management Grant Writing

First Star recycling is proud to employ a team of recycling and waste management experts that are well-versed in the many ways in which municipalities and large organizations can secure funding through grant applications. Our professionals understand every step of the long process that makes the dream of a dramatic renovation to a massive waste management system into a reality.

Get Funding to Go Green!

1) Research

The first step in our process is a full evaluation of your existing waste management infrastructure. Our experts need a complete understanding of the unique challenges that your municipality or organization faces. After we have completed our analysis of your existing infrastructure, we will review available grants and your current application status.

2) Write

Once we have identified a grant that best matches the specific needs of your organization, we work on writing the grant and ensuring that our proposal fully matches all grant requirements. Our experts work tirelessly to make your organization a top candidate for the grant you need.

3) Recycle

Finally, if your municipality or organization does secure funding for a new waste management project, First Star is able to help implement the execution of the project. Our staff is proud to help create new recycling and waste management programs that dramatically improves people’s lives!

First Star is your trusted resource management partner. Our grant writing programs are just a small portion of our comprehensive waste management services, which are all designed to help your business save money while maintaining top-notch resource management processes. The experienced professionals at First Star are dedicated to helping you face the unique material challenges of your business with a wide variety of fully customizable services at a fair price.

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