Recycling for Institutions & Large Organizations

First Star boasts a team of experts that have specialized in large-scale recycling programs at institutions such as schools and hospitals. The First Star process starts with a comprehensive recycling audit, followed by employee training and other programs that are aimed at saving your organization time and money while improving critical waste management processes.

Organization Audit

A partnership with First Star typically begins with a recycling audit from our team of waste management experts. We focus on identifying your primary waste management needs and how to solve them as efficiently as possible. Our goal is to create a simple system that will be easy for your employees to maintain. We do this by studying your organization’s processes and working with employees to find out the simplest way to reach critical waste management goals. Many organizations can make dramatic reductions to their waste output with small changes to procedure. With large-scale waste management programs, the key to success is simplicity. Your organization has a lot of employees and potentially other people that participate in your waste management program. It is critical that they can all execute the necessary recycling procedures and that it is easy and convenient to do so.

Employee Training

We also offer employee training sessions at your workspace. These sessions focus on ensuring successful and consistent implementation of the waste management processes that are put in place. Our trainers focus on ensuring a thorough understanding of what is recyclable, and on demonstrating the dramatic impact that taking simple waste management steps can have. We value your time, so we visit your workspace when it is most convenient for you and host sessions that are both brief and comprehensive.

Implementing or improving waste management programs on such a large scale is a huge undertaking and it has to be done right the first time. Our team has the experience to ensure that your organization’s project is handled the right way.

Contact us today to see which First Star recycling solutions are best suited for your organization.