Recycling for Manufacturers

At First Star, we take pride in our ability to provide large scale recycling to manufacturers. Waste streams from manufacturing programs of all sizes represent a tremendous opportunity to access a new revenue stream from recyclable products. However, many manufacturers either ignore that potential revenue, or are using inefficient recycling processes that are holding back their revenue potential. First Star’s experienced professionals can help your manufacturing business maximize its recycling potential with a custom waste management plan that is designed to be as simple to implement as possible.

Optimize Recycling Processes with a Professional Recycling Audit

A partnership with First Star typically begins with a comprehensive recycling audit from our team of waste management experts. These manufacturing center recycling audits are an easy way to ensure that we are providing the most complete service possible for your business. No two manufacturing centers can recycle in the exact same way, and recycling audits give our resource management professionals a more detailed understanding of the unique waste management challenges that your manufacturing center faces.


An experienced First Star resource management professional will travel to your location and create a comprehensive waste management report. Our trusted process includes reviewing all current waste streams and getting feedback from the members of your staff that are the most knowledgeable about the specific waste management needs of your organization. Once we have obtained the necessary data and interviews, our team of resource specialists will craft a custom waste management plan designed specifically for your work space.

Effectively Implement Your Custom Waste Management Plan

To make your transition to your new waste management plan as smooth as possible, First Star offers employee training sessions at your workspace. These sessions focus on ensuring successful and consistent implementation of the waste management processes that are put in place. Our trainers focus on ensuring a thorough understanding of how your manufacturing center’s waste management system functions, and on demonstrating the dramatic impact that taking these waste management steps can have. We value your time, so we visit your workspace when it is most convenient for you and host sessions that are both brief and comprehensive.

Implementing or improving waste management programs on industrial scale is a huge undertaking and it has to be done right the first time. Our team has the experience to ensure that your organization’s project is handled professionally and will effectively help your manufacturing center access the full revenue potential of your current waste stream.

Contact us today to see what commercial recycling services are best for your organization.