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Used Material Brokerage

One of the most common questions we get at First Star Recycling is, “Will you pay me for my recyclables?” For businesses and organizations that regularly generate tons and tons of recyclables, the answer is yes! This process is known as mill-direct brokerage, in which we can take your pre-sorted and packaged recyclables directly to the material mill. If your business or organization is using large quantities of recyclable materials, First Star may be able to broker the sale of those materials to a mill or repurposing center, maximizing your organization’s return on materials that you may otherwise have had to throw away. First Star has extensive experience brokering these deals, and will make the process as simple as possible for your organization. We can broker the sale of almost any recyclable material from any facility. If your organization generates enough of the same material, First Star can locate the buyer that will maximize the return.

Earn Money From Your Recyclables With Mill-Direct Brokerage

  • Paper & Cardboard Products: Many warehouse and storage facilities generate enough reusable paper and cardboard products due to the enormous amount of packaging that they encounter.
  • Plastic Products: Some factories and facilities generate enough plastic to make significant sales to re-purposing centers.
  • Other Recyclable Materials: First Star will help your organization search for a buyer for any material that can be re-purposed, as long as there is enough material to justify the cost of organizing the direct pick up and transfer of the material from your storage center to the purchaser’s facility. This varies by material, call today for more information!

First Star is your trusted resource management partner. Our material brokerage programs are just a small portion of our comprehensive waste management services, which are all designed to help your business save money while maintaining top-notch resource management processes. The experienced professionals at First Star are dedicated to helping you face the unique material challenges of your business with a wide variety of fully customizable services at a fair price.

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