Municipal Programs

Municipal Recycling

First Star Recycling has a long history of serving our communities and is proud to employ a team of waste management experts that are well-versed in the many ways that municipalities can improve their waste management and recycling programs or even create customized new programs. Waste management and recycling on such a large scale can present challenges, but the experienced professionals at First Star are ready to help your community create a more efficient and effective resource management system that can dramatically decrease your city’s landfill use and improve the quality of life for your residents. We are able to assist communities of all sizes, from small rural towns to large metropolitan cities.

Our process begins with a comprehensive recycling audit and a full evaluation of your existing waste management infrastructure. An experiences First Star resource management professional will travel to your municipality to get a complete understanding of the unique challenges your municipality faces. Our trusted process includes reviewing all current waste streams and getting feedback from the members of your community that are knowledgeable about the specific waste management needs. Once we have obtained the necessary data and interviews, our team of resource specialists will craft a custom waste management plan designed specifically for your town.


First Star is also able to assist communities with the following services:

Grant Writing and Funding Assistance – Whether for Resource Management Plans, infrastructure, containers, or education campaigns; Our experts are well-versed in writing grant applications and once we have identified a grant that best matches the specific needs of your community, we can assist with writing the grant ensuring that our proposal fully matches all grant requirements. We work tirelessly to make your organization a top candidate for the grant you need to help secure the funding needed.
Used Material Brokerage – If your community has a recycling program already in place where recyclable materials can be bulked up, we can help you market and sell that recyclable material. This process is known as mill-direct brokerage, in which we can take your pre-sorted and baled / packaged materials directly to the mill. First Star has extensive experience brokering these deals and will make the process as simple as possible for your community while helping you get value from your resources that have been diverted from landfill.

The number one goal of your city’s unique waste management plan will be simplicity. Effectively implementing a city-wide recycling program requires mass participation to be successful, and there is rarely mass participation in any program if it is not easy and convenient. Therefore , our experts stress the importance of single stream recycling, which allows for all recyclable items to be combined without sorting, whenever possible. Our team is expert in implementing these plans and believe strongly that educating the public about the benefits of recycling greatly improves participation in new programs. First Star Recycling can help your city’s leadership provide that education campaign.

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