Office Recycling

Workspace and Office Recycling

The average office worker generates over 5 pounds of recyclables every week. First Star is proud to facilitate the recycling of those materials in offices of every size. We offer a variety of recycling services designed to save your office time and money while responsible disposing of the reusable materials generated in your office. Regardless of the size of your office or the amount of recyclable material generated, a waste management consultant from First Star Recycling can work with you to determine an idea office recycling plan.

We also offer more recycling services for specialized commercial areas:

Industrial Recycling:
First Star can provide critical recycling services to any industrial scale site, including warehouses and manufacturing centers. We also offer material brokerage services to industrial clients that generate large amounts of recyclable materials.

Commercial Recycling for Retailers:
In addition to simple pick up, First Star offers our retail clients other recycling services that are uniquely suited to the retail environment.

Recycling for Institutions and Large Organizations:
Our team has the experience to professionally handle large-scale recycling projects. We focus on identifying your primary waste management needs and how to solve them as efficiently as possible. Our goal is to create a simple system that will be easy for your employees to maintain.

Most office recycling is straightforward. We will provide office recycling containers and pick up services. We also offer employee training sessions at your workspace. These sessions focus on ensuring successful and consistent implementation of the waste management processes that are put in place. Our trainers focus on ensuring a thorough understanding of what is recyclable, and on demonstrating the dramatic impact that taking simple waste management steps can have. We value your time, so we visit your workspace when it is most convenient for you and host sessions that are both brief and comprehensive.

Contact us today to see what commercial recycling services are best for your organization.