Mill-Direct Recyclables

Stacks of recycled paper in lorry at recycling plantFirst Star Recycling offers mill-direct brokerage services to warehouses, factories, and other large businesses that regularly generate large quantities of recyclable material. First Star can take your pre-sorted, baled, and packaged recyclables directly to the material mill where they can be cleaned and recycled. We broker the sale of recyclable materials to a mill or repurposing center, so you can even get paid for recyclables you may currently be throwing away!

We can broker the sale of almost any recyclable material from any facility. Common mill-direct recyclable materials include:

  • Paper & Cardboard Products: Many warehouse and storage facilities generate enough reusable paper and cardboard products due to the enormous amount of packaging that they encounter.
  • Plastic Products: Some factories and facilities generate enough plastic to make significant sales to re-purposing centers.
  • Other Recyclable Materials: First Star will help your organization search for a buyer for any material that can be re-purposed, as long as there is enough material to justify the cost of organizing the direct pick up and transfer of the material from your storage center to the purchaser’s facility. This varies by material, call today for more information!

Contact First Star today to learn if your organization could be earning money by with mill-direct recycling!