Recycling Update – May 2018

Changes to Recycling

Global market conditions outside our control have brought significant challenges for all USA recycling operations. However, just as the Chinese word for chaos also means opportunity, First Star Recycling also believes there is a bright side to these challenges.


 For the past several years China has been ramping up restrictions on what it sees as acceptable recyclables to the point where virtually all imports of scrap material are now banned. While we have not been as dependent on Chinese markets, the dual effects of greatly reduced market demand and a heightened sensitivity to contamination have also affected domestic markets and thus challenges all processors. Where this has been most impactful has been in our capability to accept commingled loads of recyclables from commercial sources. Hence, due to historically low commodity prices and the need to meet increasingly higher standards for cleaner material, we will no longer be able to accept mixed commercial
recyclables. As soon as practically possible, all loads need to be pre-sorted at the source.

The good news is thanks to First Star Recycling’s marketing strength as the state’s largest recycling operation, and because of our unmatched track record of providing innovative solutions for customers to work towards zero landfill goals, we can offer several options to recover and divert large amounts of your otherwise landfilled materials. Knowing that each customer’s situation is unique, your account representative can explain the options available to best meet your needs and work with your employees to learn how to adapt to these new practices. At the end of the day, with these measures we are confident you will be pleased to know your recyclables are being managed in the most environmentally beneficial way possible – in other words, as a valued material promoting true resource conservation efforts.