Commercial Recycling for Retailers

First Star understands the unique challenges that retailers face.  With customers constantly in the store, waste management has to be as efficient, effective, and inconspicuous as possible.  Our team is dedicated to finding unique waste management solutions that fit your business’ needs.  We believe in effective waste management and recycling practices and know that recycling is good for business.  Not only does recycling benefit your local economy, but many consumers make conscious decisions to shop at businesses that are environmentally friendly.

First Star offers a number of waste management services to our clients in the retail industry. In addition to simple pick up, a partnership with First Star typically begins with a comprehensive recycling audit from our team of waste management experts. We focus on identifying your primary waste management needs and how to solve them as efficiently as possible. Our goal is to create a simple system that will be easy for employees to maintain. We do this by studying your organization’s processes and working with employees to find out the simplest ways to reach critical goals, saving you both time and money on waste management.
Following a waste audit, many organizations can make dramatic reductions to their waste output with small and simple changes to procedure. First Star Recycling also offers employee training sessions at your workplace focusing on successful and consistent implementation of the waste management processes that are put in place.

Contact us today to see what commercial recycling services are best for your organization.