Zero Waste Program

Zero-Waste Recycling

First Star is ready to help make your company’s goal of becoming a zero waste business a reality. A zero waste program can be difficult to fully implement, but the twin goals of saving money on resource management and reducing your business’ environmental impact are worth pursuing for any company. Our resource management professionals have the knowledge and experience to make your office as efficient as possible.

Benefits to a zero waste work space:

Save Money

Saving resources means saving money. In fact, if you qualify for our mill direct brokerage program, we can even help earn your business money for used materials.

Protect the Environment

Part of being a business owner means being responsible about the way your office impacts the environment and the community. Recycling really can have a tremendous impact on your local environment; it reduces 10 major types of air pollutants and eight categories of water pollutants. This is especially true with items like office electronics, which contain toxins that can contaminate groundwater in a landfill. Recycling aluminum cans can also make a big difference. Creating a can made from recycled material requires less than 5 percent of the energy needed to create one from fresh bauxite ore, according to the Office of Waste Management. A zero waste program means your office is doing its part.

Promote Your Business and the Local Economy.

Recycling can be very good for your company’s image. People like to know that they are supporting a business that makes a positive impact in the local community. In addition, employees can be more motivated to work in an office that they see as forward thinking. This boosts morale and decreases employee turnover. Recycling also boosts the local economy. For every one job in recycling collection, there are up to eight jobs created for manufacturing the recovered materials.

First Star is your trusted resource management partner. Our zero waste programs are just a small portion of our comprehensive waste management services, which are all designed to help your business save money while maintaining top-notch resource management processes. The experienced professionals at First Star are dedicated to helping you face the unique material challenges of your business with a wide variety of fully customizable services at a fair price.