Additional Services

Resource Management Expertise

First Star is proud to provide a number of resource management services. Our experienced professionals have a profound understanding of every aspect of the waste management industry, and can help your business, organization, or municipality solve any waste or recycling problem.

Grant Writing

Our intimate knowledge of large scale waste management projects makes us an asset to any municipality or large organization trying to procure funding from the government or another organization. Our comprehensive approach to applying creates the best chance of securing coveted funding.

Material Brokerage

If your office generates significant amounts of a recyclable product, First Star can broker the sale of your material to a repurposing facility. Our experience with handling this process will save you significant time and net you the most return on your materials.

Zero-Waste Programs

First Star’s experienced staff can help your business save money while doing your part to protect the environment by implementing a zero waste program. There are simple ways to dramatically reduce waste production.

Recycling Training

A member of our staff will visit your workspace and give a brief presentation to your staff. This can include training in anything from warehouse mass recycling programs to what a breakdown of what can be recycled in the break room. We tailor our visit to fit the needs of your staff.

Recycling Audits

We offer complete recycling audits to our commercial clients. Our experienced waste management professionals travel to your workspace and create a comprehensive recycling plan uniquely suited to your office.

First Star is proud to employ an experienced team that is dedicated to solving whatever waste management problem your organization may face. We always strive to save your organization time and money, while minimizing its environmental impact. Contact us today to learn more about the opportunities your organization has to improve its waste management system.