Recycling Training

Recycling Training

Your Partner in Recycling Education & Outreach

First Star offers on-site recycling training to our commercial recycling clients. One of our resource management professionals will visit your work space and speak to employees about implementing your specific waste management program. This may include demonstrating new industrial recycling processes to warehouse personnel, teaching office workers what can and cannot be recycled from the break room, or any other training relevant to your waste management plan.

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Train Your Team to Go Green!

We design these training sessions to be effective and time efficient so that your business can easily implement your new recycling program without glitches or work delays. With the proper training, businesses can create a responsible environmental atmosphere in the work space very quickly.

We strive to teach your employees why they should recycle in the workplace, in addition to how they can recycle in the workplace.

Time and time again we have found that when employees are motivated by the benefits of an effective waste management plan, they are more willing and capable of maintaining the program.

Most workers dread long, winding meetings, so our recycling training meanings are designed to be interesting, efficient and to the point, so employees can quickly understand the relevant benefits of recycling both for themselves, and for the workplace as a whole. The passionate professionals at First Star are thrilled to be able to smooth your business’ transition to a new waste management plan. We offer this service free of charge in an effort to give our commercial recycling partners the best chance of effectively enacting and maintaining their waste management plan.

First Star is proud to be the leader in resource management in Omaha and the surround areas. Our training programs are just a small portion of our comprehensive waste management services, which are all designed to help your business save money while maintaining top-notch resource management processes. The experienced professionals at First Star are dedicated to helping you face the unique material challenges of your business with a wide variety of fully customized services at a fair price.